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bbPress Anti Spam Plugins

Running a forum is great fun and good for your site, however keeping spam under control can be a real problem. In this post we take a look at how to manage spam on a bbPress 2 forum.

Add JetPack Markdown Support to Plugins

Markdown makes formatting content easy, here’s how you can add it to your own custom plugins.

bbPress: The Missing Manual

I am a big fan of ppBress and now use it as my forum of choice. I love how it now integrates perfectly with WordPress, it’s simple to use and well placed for hobby bloggers who want to run small forums. I even migrated a site that used the commercial vBulletin software over to bbPress […]

The Hobby Blogger's Guide

New to website building? Like the idea of earning some extra money by running a site as a hobby? Then world famous 10 Step Blogercise guide is here to help you get started.

1: Select a Subject for your Site

So, you want to build a website. This guide takes you through the first critical decision you need to make – what’s your site going to be about? Finding the right topic is difficult, but fortunately our guide has some top tips to help you make the right start.

2: Picking a Name

In this section we will guide you through choosing a name for your site. Registering a web address is another critical decision that needs to made, one that is hard to change later. This guide will ask the right question to help you choose the best possible name.

3: Setting up a Website

Finding a host for your new website can be a daunting task, these tips will help you to chose the right host for your needs.

4: Choose a CMS

Smart hobby bloggers don’t code their websites from scratch. We run our sites with a Content Management System.

5: Designing for your Audience

Even a hobby blogger needs to get their site looking like the real read. Here’s how you can developer your user’s experience.

6: Copy Writing Secrets

People will be drawn to your site only if it’s worth reading, find out how to captivate your readers with traffic winning content.

7: How to Win Traffic

How will you get visitors to your website? If you’re fed up with low traffic numbers then these tips will help!

8: SEO – The Truth

Search engines will send you visitors, find out the secret to getting your site on top of Google’s results.

9: Make money from your Site

This may be a hobby, but we still want to generate revenue! Here are the best ways to make money online.

10: How to Grow your Website

Looking to grow your hobby blog to the next level? This post will help you to build on your initial success.