How Much Money Do I Really Make Online?

I have had some mixed feedback regarding this site.  Some positive (thanks!) and some not so positive (thanks too!).  I built this site as an outlet for some of my thoughts and experience and a response to the many poor high priced “get rich quick” schemes that I believe exploit beginners.

If you have read through some of the key guides then you will already be aware that:

  • This site is not about getting rich quick
  • I believe in creating good sites that serve a use
  • Web building should be a fun hobby and something we can all enjoy
  • This can be done professionally, but I have a day job and family
  • It is possible to make money doing something you love whilst meeting your day to day responsibilities

But if you read on, you will see a screen shot of the last cheque I received from one of my many income streams, and I am sure you will agree $3000 a month from one of several partners is not something to be ashamed of!  Do I run this as a business?  No, I don’t claim to.  Do I run sites in my spare time to boost my income?  Yes!  To me this money is the difference between affording an extra holiday or replacing the  family car – something I’m sure you can relate to.

How Much Money Can I Really Make from my Online Website Building Hobby?

Well, this will depend on a number of things such as the effort you put in, how well you understand the business model, and not to mention how lucky you are!  But that said, the harder you work , the luckier you get!

I have some sites that make between nothing and a few pounds a day, these sites might have taken a day or two to setup and will contain some good solid content, hopefully targeting and answering a particular search question that people will continue to ask for many years to come.  This doesn’t sound like much but several sites like this over the year will produce a not unwelcome sum to enjoy!

And so here we are, this is something I never thought I’d be doing, but I wanted to illustrate two things:

  • I am not talking out of my arse.  I really have built sites.  I really have made some decent money from them!  If you want to earn some extra cash in your spare time then it is now up to you.  Check out our beginner site building guide and act upon it, or keep reading and dreaming and shelling out money for a plan that promises you a fortune (except in the small print where it will undoubtedly point out that they can’t and won’t guarantee any level of earning!)
  • The money earned from my web building philosophy is not toy money. I have a number of income streams that generate varying amounts of cash, most are UK based as I generally build sites targeted here.  But I also have some US based sites that generate some cash through Associates.  Amazon are the last partner that seems to send out cheques so that has enabled me to post up one from last month. represents a smaller portion of my online hobby income, here is the last cheque they sent me:

Lasy Months Cheque from

Last Month's Cheque from

Sure, after tax and currency conversion it isn’t enough to retire on, but that one cheque alone will be funding a nice little holiday that I wouldn’t be having otherwise!

Web Building as a Hobby Not a Career

I do not run sites full time, I have not set up a mega business, I fit in my site building around my family life and long term career.  I guess I am fortunate in that my day job teaches me a lot of the skills that I need, by working at the centre of a large UK website I get to talk with experts in every field, chat with Google representatives and attend tradeshows. But other than the knowledge I gain, I do not leverage this position at all in my hobby website building.

Unlike some other make money online gurus I didn’t start out at the dawn of the Internet, I didn’t get a head start, I don’t have 1000s of follows on Twitter to help kick start a new venture.  I don’t brag about success, I don’t claim to be something I’m not.  I don’t have a team behind me, I don’t pay people to do anything on these personal projects.  It’s all done at home, from my desk, spending a couple of hours every other night or so.

What are you waiting for, start your Blogercise today!


  1. says

    Great post. I love your attitude towards it all. I am the same way. The way many people go about doing this online thing is not my style. I prefer to put in the time, grow something, and have multiple income streams that give some good additional income to what I have already.

    Keep it up. 😉

  2. Boris says

    Thanks Robert, it’s good to see a few other people sharing the same idea in a time when many are just trying to “get rich quick”. This site is all about a different approach!

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